At Alice Liddell's Anger, Late April, 1925

They say that I was never his first choice
to pose for his eager photography;
that she, who never spoke of it---whose voice
remained silent about that history---
who had (they say) more common courtesy---
who dared compete with and (they say) best me---
was favored by him (they say, obviously,
proven by all these photographs you see).
But I am Alice; me!; the inspiration
behind the books that made his reputation.
Nor do I care that Tenniels's illustration
bears no resemblance. But what is my rage
for, you inquire. Here, read this magazine.
The writer should be sued for this obscene
word that has been attached to Valentine
(oh, I do not care how to say his name,
I am not much impressed by actors' fame).
But this insult excites my aggravation.
Look at the statement on this second page---
right there: "Of Carroll's models, the most sexy
"as anyone can tell was . . ." that bitch, Xie.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Xie Kitchin Cardew died, in England, on April 6, 1925, aged sixty-two; the only one of Lewis Carroll's models who did not attempt to exploit the relationship. 


According to Yahoo Answers (submitted by jerryh), "sexy" was used with regard to Rudolph Valentino in 1923. 

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