At Alexandria: A Sadducee's House, With Guests

What is this world?---merely material;
not a venue for supernatural
intrusions. It affords no miracle;
nobody resurrected, and no soul
to nourish with a spirited devotion.
This view avoids the pitfalls of frustrations
arising out of unmet expectations.
A birth and death are bookends to the fate
of each man; and some pleasure when we mate
between them. Lots of hard work brings some ease,
and, with a bit of luck, comforting riches.
Some talk of free will, doing what they please;
while others rail against their circumstances.
Despite their childish, petulant commotion,
they cannot change the course of random chances.
Will you, my honored guests, pursue some star
further? Have you thought much as to how far
it may take your continuing observations,
based on false prophets' bent interpretations?
Are they more true than charges raised by snitches
who make their living on false accusations?
Or is it seeking bold prognostications
among your zodiac's twelve constellations?
I wish you well. The harsh reality
of life is what it is, and cannot be
altered by any wishful fantasy.
But, also, it cannot be more disjointed
assuring I am not more disappointed;
nor, as some others say, not "sad, you see."






Author's Notes/Comments: 

The pun in the last line is not mine.  I have heard it mentioned for decades, and have found it in severa sources on the internet, but none of them cite the pun's origin or its creator.  Absent such a citation, I will still use it here; and if a provable reference can be found, I will amend these notes to cite it correctly.

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