Avaloniad, 3: On The Mysteries Of Mark's Gospel

From that far isle, Britannia, at the ends

of earth, our brother, Joseph, recommends

this book of Mark's (among brethren and friends,

he is distinguished).  In this concise scroll

are truths that will inspire the Christian's soul

amid this world's chaos, distress, and strife.

Mark has compiled events from Jesus' life:

divine, yet clad in our humanity,

He came unto His own in Galilee,

preaching---teaching---healing in ministry;

then to the cross to die in vistory,

vanguishing death and sin that have, long, cursed

our kind; then raised to life.  Now Joseph sends

a crate of copies and requests that we

distribute them, widely.   We shall not fail.

Mark's testimony quenches spiritual thirst

for more about Jesus.  This book, in full---

surrounded by the lost world's enmity---

is like the sanctum of a mystery,

and therein new freshment from a grail.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem offers three hypotheses that I believe to be original:  the relationship of Mark's Gospel to the Christians who migrated to Britain with Joseph of Arimathea; the Grail as a metaphor of, or simile for, the good news of the Gospels; and the arrangement in Mark's Gospel as the Christian, and only true version, of the ancient, anticipatory mystery religions.

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