tombs of restlessness






I thought that I was some kind of double 

abandoned and always in trouble
the bad twin

but, I was in my skin  


let the time of degradation begin 

I knew the good twin was camouflaged
and I would have to go


where I am diminished and cold
I try to get away

but the muddy hole had full control 

a complete  manipulation  overall, in the fateful night




a wild barren way in the world’s wasteland 

on brutal paths, sad with disregard 

visionless ones you cannot symbolize 

in shadows of the laborious 




where the spark is gone 

from all the risk that is around 

feel an effect  from the dimmer lights 

without limit of degeneration 




then I listened
to the commands like crows that caw 

and wings that flutter, as if an incoherent stutter 

the amplified echoes of piercing discontent 




all those fools that they entice 

while their hands grasp for specious empty portfolios 

as they at last lay me to ruin 

with a deadened heart and mind



in a living tomb of restlessness







Author's Notes/Comments: 

just another hard days night, did mention I don't like working the grave yard shift, I don't know how vampire's deal!

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