dying dahlia petals

Hyacinth garden




how far along the summer 

your skin deeply ripened 

bronzed by the swelter of the sun 

close to naked yourself, you dip into the sea
gone to the water

under the touch of my gaze  


by the bay mouth
still we see sails of summer
and your body
still fragrances of love

a thirst for joys, in my resilience 

night after night they go along into lazy day’s



next to last with dying dahlia petals nearness 

back then we were son and daughter of the muses 

but now this dream it was just a dream
the eyes of autumn have outcomes

now some clouds have fallen to the land 

summer’s last moon is already yellowed above you 


as the wild waves surge 

while winds blow away the stained color of the sky 

a single gull lofts on the rooftop
of the twin lighthouses

for a journey into yesterday
that will never return






Author's Notes/Comments: 

the un-official end of summer

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