the search for beauty

escaping boundaries

how do you achieve that choice?

go and dance alone in the cool darkness

and somehow still feel the heat

of ash

all those untaken sparks

love in a single moment

and never love again

shooting stars on a distant horizon

feel the music and never feel your feet

night life of mine
sweet, moist-soft
moving in neon when lost

everywhere is familiar and yet extraterritorial

it is an ancient myth that everything is measurable

they tell you, that one can measure the miles to the moon

it depends on when you measure

at perigee or at apogee

you can measure all that if you like

but you cannot measure the heart of the traveler


being perceptive is immense

not at a loss for words

but being visible to the invisible,

trading the speed of sound for the speed of light

losing the virtual,

finding the essential

being forgotten and still unchanged,

it is just the same the names remain

crossing over to realize something found can be lost again

the search for beauty is no casual thing


at the edge of needed survival

beauty is still sought

it is an articulation of ourselves
with or without compass remember it just another border
beauty can be anything

the hunger of skin

shivering, rippling

two lover's backs arching

it is all for the gathering and then the receiving

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a real problem with the title, I have a real problem with the whole damned poem

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