her dreams









unable to look

with eyes closed

unseen is a gleam in the corner of 
her eyes

one on the corporal

and one on the spiritual


 it is a weakness to feel
having something to do with living and dying

even if that something be in the infinite

of waiting


like the ying and yang adorn

for each emotion

the passing light espies
and climbs the slight


to twilights place

rhythmic in transition

with silken grace


light to darkness
together pleading

the next to fade


as the full moon rises

pale light scatters on your soul

passions substance
it suspends all experience

sweeping in the wake

like a God gazed across

and grasped

those ghostly beams

yield to each and reach over softly

upon the sight

that the night unlocked

the pace

is delicate

and somewhere
she will sleep...


 bare and prepared

willing...oh so willing... she will finally share


her dreams


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EmiLaBella's picture

Absolutely beautiful

I love this and feel the spiritual connection to it. 

"Will you be the clay that everyone molds into what they feel you should be, or will you chose to be the potter of your own wheel?" ~me at growth

9inety's picture

thank you

it is my avocation to connect to my audience



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot