Hyacinth garden

the charm awakened by the Venetian
illustrate Greek poets
in pastoral love
portray the beauty of a Madonna in my muse
view the clouds of aura

young admirer
the episode of majestic enchantment
of mother and child
a shadow, blended by the light and air
in artistry, the earth, the trees, the light

when life was life
as it is lived
real enough in their ways
a creation within its own mystifying pledge
a panorama that permeates this Tempest

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Very little is known of this artist; Giorgione. Scarcely five paintings can be ascribed with absolute certainty to his hand. Yet these suffice to secure him a fame nearly as great as that of the great leaders of the new movement. Strangely enough, even these pictures contain something of a puzzle. We are not sure what the most accomplished one, The Tempest, represents.
His work, The Allendale Nativity/Adoration of the Shepherds c. 1505 and many other priceless works can be viewed at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

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