Tony Bennett and Bonnie Raitt

Hyacinth garden

I hear Tony Bennett and Bonnie Raitt
sing “I got right to sing the blues”

that is the way it is, hurry up and wait
yeah we all paid our dues

little things that don't go away
thoughts meander and betray

they linger and harp inside of the head
they quibble and jiggle while we lie in bed

and we shudder
over sins
like aged whispering poets
until the journey begins


blind man

a key hole

the lyrical moments, why don't the good times last
they wither elusive, all pretty dreams wasting in the past

into a prickly prose,
heart beating like crimson rose

time spent on the last night
I close the shades to the moons light

rain washed gray in the sky
I am not crying , I got a drop in my eye

so surrender and try to remember the little things
take the good with the bad no matter how bad it stings

Author's Notes/Comments: 

love Mr. Tony Bennett and Ms. Bonnie Raitt



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