black yields to amethyst

Hyacinth garden

lights of the city with bridges to everywhere
it is with the melting pot that these waters share

sounds and sights like lovers that whisper affection
gives me the heart of mirrored reflection

I love summer nights what more can I say
but not as much as the shore with the bay on display

being awake at this late hour
fateful waves in my mind deliver the power

I see the bay wash the tide up in Whale creek
an end of the seas as if the Atlantic could speak

in constant presence and struggle with the shore
cause and effect are driven evermore

down to the highway cracked along the mothers back
see a flickering street light over a parked hack

white dew wets the green marsh grasses
with swiftness time changes and all but passes

perched on black pilings the minutes modify
stacked up over Liberty airborne jets fly

I give these moments their due respect
hear jet engines rumble a Doppler effect

the summer cicada sings in the night
as we went hand in hand, with the wrong and the right

as moonlight is suppressed by the Raritan's mist
in moments before dawn where black yields to amethyst

Author's Notes/Comments: 

looking out on Raritan bay
god I love life

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