love finds out your name

Hyacinth garden

He found her irresistible and began a plan of romantic negotiation.
Arrange the conquering of this luscious female without consideration.
Entice this lovely morsel, ambush her heart in a lustful assassination.

He knew all the steps needed, he strode paths of his own designs.
He would use sweet music, fragrant candles, tasty lies and warmed wines.
In heated pursuit of his passions, as her resistance quickly resigns.

A plan without flaw he played every move like a master at the game.
Believing he was in control until like a moth, being lured into the flame.
When the hunter becomes the hunted because love finds out your name.

When the porter tags your baggage and sends them to be stowed.
As Diana plagued Actaeon for that lustful debt, he owed.
For every action, feel the reaction, now he reaps what he has sowed!

Falling can be so fast, a drop in never ending flight.
Cupid’s arrow shot him threw the heart such painful delight.
It is as if he is in a spot, that is little bit too tight.

Therefore, I leave you with a thought, you should know from the start.
Lust and love are two sides to the same coin that do not come apart.
Watch out when you seek to defeat love, that you may just lose your heart.

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