Red Rose of June

Hyacinth garden

She feels that dullness, a constant throbbing, and an aching of many seeds planted inside her scars.
She sees so many, they seem continuous and, as countless as the voids between stars.
She is a silhouette in the night, with a mystified, distant look on her face.
She does not want to weep nor, does she want to be in such a cruel place.
She still has smiling eyes that have revealed to her a world of shedding tears.
She will have to reach, in her own way alone, while skirmishing with her fears.
She knew before, when it all had meaning, alive in the glow of summers first full moon.
She struggles daily hoping too regain the feel of being, one of the sweet scented, Red Roses of June.
She hears her heart, words pour from her eyes with a need to be free like a bird.
She is shining in her silent beauty, without speaking a single desirous word.
She tastes the salt on her lips and, her gentle spirit lifts up to make a stand.
She touches her face with trembling fingers they wipe the tears with softest hands.
She has memories that are only stars in heaven that are too far away to hold.
She asks stars close to her heart, how can they seem so fiery but, remain so cold?
She knows her winter is waning, the spring and summer flowers will return to her soon.
She snuggles with feel returning, a feel rekindling, feeling like; she is the sweet scented, Red Rose of June.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

revised and reprinted
seemed to be apropos

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