regretful unto Dominus

Hyacinth garden


In my fate I am unthinkably
Preserved on the pedal of a rose

I express sadness, this is where I met the end
I die on the thruway each twilight

Ahead and beyond all oblivion
Affliction upon affliction in dark dominion

 Of eyes closed to blissful life
My hands are the caress of night
Hands forever coal black permanently black
Hell hurled into my soul seized in fright
I rub the rose on my face
Petals forlorn fall over the thruway

With my labor in mire, dust and haze
Traffic in motion, is my knowledge

Since my soul's passion was too young
My extremities are regretful unto Dominus

Author's Notes/Comments: 

revised and reprinted

for all the travelers on the roads who never made it home safe and sound...

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