a dream catcher’s web

Hyacinth garden

she is alone tonight, her eyelashes sink, to a wink.
in her world, she will dance with her myths.
every time she needs to change faces,
she dusts off marble ruins,
with pretend apologies, they end affairs.

it sends shivers down sidewalks;
each streetlight harvests the fogged gloom.
if only they could speak,
see all those places
she needs her space she needs her room.

she’ cries whispering,
please loosen the leash.

her tongues dipping,
into the rising river during winter rain,
if only all her dreams would come true without the pain.

all those roads traversed.
all those lies she rehearsed.
they crack the whip across her crimson lips.

lies spun from the threads of life,
it was not the smooth silk of a dream catcher’s web.

she is asleep behind the wheels of time.

if only I could wake her for love.

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