Sensation of Anticipation

Hyacinth garden

My thirst, my burning thirst,

I die of thirst while eager to drink at the well of your passion.

My lips, my parched lips,

they suffer agonies of intimate want, a need for your fiery kisses.

My tongue, my muted tongue,

it swells with words that long to whisper special cherished verse but you are not here to listen.

My eyes, my blinded eyes,

they find scenery obscured; one look at your beauty, only then would darkness dissolve.

My ears, my stone-deaf ears,

silence bequeaths desire for your sultry voice, a voice too speak to me in the language of heated embrace.

My body, my longing body,

 in each thread of my being, I shiver and shake with fervid anticipation.

My hands and arms are numbed;

they endure chills, they only long to give hugs while wrapped around the warmth of your body.

My mind, my spinning mind,

 turns slowly on the long hours alone with my thoughts those secret visions of your radiance.

My hunger, my ravenous hunger,

I am starved to death shown lonely hindrance from nourishment at the banquet of your love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

revised and reprinted

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