Timeless Aquarius

Hyacinth garden

She seemed a creation of harmless harmony.
A persona in search of known opportunity.
She glowed like a flower after a sun shower.
Her essence embraced me hour after hour.

Her energies were similar to radiance.
She proposed temptation as coincidence.
Each caress she gave so effortless.
Timeless Aquarius without duress.

She was a blaze of obsession to me.
Launched and then soaring free.
She knew through infinity passion could blend.
Through the thrills my mind would transcend.

She believed desire a timeless thing.
Flow along and ignore the sting.
She whispered that ecstasy will never object.
Timeless Aquarius overlooked what she could not protect.

Now this world is an artificial silhouette.
I am in receipt of an empty hearts debt.
That strips off the remnants as I shift.
The disparity an ever widening rift.

Too brief this luck too loss hurried.
Loving and being soon buried.
Too long rendered under the blinding spell.
Timeless Aquarius here is hoping you get along well.

Future elusive contacts are so hard to detect.
The past clashes unable to advance or deflect.
Just thankful for another day and another chance.
This life is what you make it if only at a glance.

Preserving the fading evidence now caked with fine rust.
Trying to persuade new dreams they will not turn to dust.
So it goes, no one is right no one is wrong, neither of us strong.
Timeless Aquarius the four winds sing our song...



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