that bridge we burn

Hyacinth garden


we all have some form of regret

a love or hate we won't forget

some time, and place of lost embrace

or a moment of hurt and sad disgrace


that time when the cheek won't turn

smoldering ruins of that bridge we burn

the hurt and heartache of love unfulfilled

little wind to stir the springtime chill


just walk away leave the smokey gloom

seek a thread and pull yourself from the liars loom

the journey is long on life's winding road

give yourself a break from hates painful load


exit the dark cold of night, unclench the fist, release the spite

onto the dawn, the fight was too long, let in some peaceful light

living in yesterday is of no import, life is too short and new love too sweet

giving in is not giving up, feeling peace within, is not retreat

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