Ain’t no war of words, it is phonetic persuasion

discourse of the poetics

close and multi-layered weave

more than a mere metaphor

again and again

the very existence of impulse

this written culture

define the lyric

the persuasive power of reception

erect an erection

paradigms play in ancient style

spirits resistant to the flux of time

anthology of prose and verse

it is an acuteness to lucidity

lament the offering

color still illuminating the light

phonetic kinship and identity is again defined

pleased, to please

shape the course of lexica

penetrate essential and fine

lucid consists of mouth and lips

language of persuasion is strange and seductive

hatch a tongue six inches long

it is sharper than a knife

service of the wanderer start reflecting

possibilities of essence genuflecting

imparted rhetorical capacity understands


mirrors write the right rhythmic rhapsody

shot with heart piercing arrows

epitome of poems and horizons of antiquity

and colophons involve echoes to the letter

Ain’t no war of words, it is phonetic persuasion

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