a twilit room

Hyacinth garden

an image of moments past dissolves like foam

the passive

sustainer of images winds of change,

stir the next word beyond recognition

meanings fly off like sparks of time

incandescence cypress ghost’s-in Spanish moss

shadowy gloom of twilight

they long for grace

empty rooms of supplication shuttered

only the gallery of clouds crossing skies

hear bony tongues of idle sighs

under damp weeds of petty deeds, submerge old memories

the blind drawn to sight by feeling

whips crack,

pain follows splendor,

purple-silhouette, callous prick with crimson flow

lady wears her gems hide the echo

some affairs retain in sad confusion.

bound for the moon

scarlet, blue, purple violet, cutting submits in a twilit room.

like slaughtered stars, bite the petals, desire them yawning.

silky faintness of perfume

the pink and silver colors melt,

petal by petal into rose water flow

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