Ghost Girl

Hyacinth garden

guise of the skies

crackle with electricity,

giving shocks to the fingertips.

memory incited,

in her brownstone on west Sixty-sixth

image of a portrait.

otherworldly, in white face  

and flowing dark robes,

she seemed to inhabit another world.

tenderness of tone

soft curved lines,

a complete absence of edges or notions.

she becomes ambiguous

as just head and neck,

floating in air uplifted.

the head dominates

the mouth and elongated neck,

interestingly placed lips.

pressed together

form a simile of a smile,

but eyes do not reflect that smile.

the eyes filled with sadness and isolation.

they look beyond,

into undefined detachment.

the deviation between eyes

left eye attracts iconic aura,

and right eye a desires retreat into silence.

inferred and perseverance of passage  

mix her own paint with metaphors of morbid features,

a formidable presence that possesses.

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