again in love’s landscape

Hyacinth garden

resplendent lover

with polished sapphire eyes

none more beautiful

you hide mysteriously  

you glide


domed egress




                      luck is silent as a gorgeous god

                                 while love is supine

between crucial eloquence and rhythmic rhyme

          we survivors who crave

                             dancing on wind and over wave

tired and spent

we do not repent

            as if  breathless let us elevate

and wait at heavens gate

            syncopated eyes reuse

                               restless lips yearning infuse


the crescent moon light plays the blues

                       in the cool quivering night

             like string on violin

in a stippled light

warm breath of angels

turns to the mist of peace and settles to the earth

landing on precious marsh grass shaft and base

and dragonfly wings like natures lace

we survivors who wish to continue

we dream of one place

immortal joy

again in loves landscape

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