love will be hers

Hyacinth garden

alone with memories

all tangled in you.

in sumptuous color of perishing after-glow,

a thin, shred of red

trail of lovers spirit,

the rain on the street begins to run

a shivering streak

like something in pain.

because it does, because it must,

in life and time and lust;

sea-worn wings

wake of waves again it swings,


last true lover

gracious, and thirsting, and aching

and listening,

to the angel  

so take your pleasure,

in full measure

use me for your treasure,

dream of mine

with pleasant shade

love, which is want, the core of desire.

love, which is lust, this variant fire.

murmurs beam by beam,

a time of silence

in a place of rest.

one kiss that day

so intimate

I’ll come to your bed,

year by year,

whirl of weathers,

and amend your taste.


and honor you breath for breath

muse, my unforgettable woman

so shine, this love will be hers.

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