Shadowed by palm-trees

Hyacinth garden

She seemed to be inclined

Behind these veils

Supple glow she delights in loves grandeur

Awaken her flow the sense into one rich harmonious tint

Tremble sweetness from the dunes like waves

A lover's charm to be of the harmless kind

The existence of bliss

That her eyes filled with tenderness,

Shadowed by palm-trees her tears without regret nor,


She blushes, and she is irresistible

Display secretly the magnificence of intelligence

Curiosity of youth, which has flourished

Alone she coaxed the call


Fairy-people mass,

A thousand angel visions,

And romantic images;

Transforming eyes


To mystic murmuring spirit

Have we anticipated you?

Enough to enchant

When the sun sinks to west,

Where can the singing nightingale mourn?

Adhere almost to the eleventh hour.

still they are displaced...

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