avaricious singer

Hyacinth garden

avaricious singer

soft lips of given desire

wish wide in submission

wander the world as gypsies obsession

with dark eyes lined

char the heart of burning expectations

swallow in shadows and wait

where dusk fades to darkness  

pour me more whiskey,

and wash down my poems

contrasts the subject at hand

come dream with adversity for the night

the poet performs in his sleep,

the irony of arrangements

stippled rituals

in mystical tasks

kiss me with your blood red lips,

rip me with your stiletto finger tips

it all becomes so obscure

flight of fancy are never free

feral fire flies

look almost amorous

the days

of resilient wings

such swirling in shadows

evil spirit gurgle

as the flame leaves the lips

do you feel the demons' fire

turn up the heat

my demons escape and dance joyfully on my soul

the screams of the universe stimulate them

these sounds have the jagged edge

of ruby colored sea glass

sharpened by fracture

hear the breaking

like the unharmonious creaking

of distant out of tune violins

discordant they come out to play

I suffer hell

drawn in to all the dead songs

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