adventures of the uncultured

sadly, empty is the poet.

he has no patron of his art.

no the poet, is not afraid.

why to fear such a thing.

flawlessly, switch pseudonyms.

learn from the experience.

rely on the extraction of resources.

redeye-tie-die is hard at your window.

redeye-tie-die is hard at the keyhole.

substantiated rumors are nothing but low-budget movies.

that is when love and reality vanish entirely.

cut by silver enjoy the experience.

anything is everything and nothing comes along.

in this state of affairs the poet celebrates reality that cares about ideals.

it is just the dominance of the magical.

free will is an illusion.

magic is imagination that we can believe all those creative lies.

I need to wrap this up.

I need some excellent bargains, with pretty bows.

I need some new redeye-tiedie t-shirts and couple of bearded, beaded, second-hand hookers.

welcome to the many adventures of the uncultured.

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