Mona Lisa on My Bed

Hyacinth garden


For you sweetness, here are long stemmed roses and some pain.
Cut them, while we sip the chilled champagne.


Feel love within a single moment, under a single sky.
I would if I could wipe those tears from your eye.


I try to comfort weeping Mona Lisa on my bed.
I was not the one who said they’d rather be dead than wed.


It is neither the flowers nor the moon, I tell you.

Light of love wrapped tightly round us in the simmering blue.

Your desirous sweet lips and my lovely quest hit the mark.
How high is the zenith of a candle that lights the dark?

Out of this light, it drives me out of my mind.
We cannot dwell on the moonlit air redesigned.

Not long ago, you would  know how to rearrange.
Care can change the nature of the strange.


Look on the sea see all that was free.
You won the sun, but you lost me.


Bacchus was in the essential margins, of our consent.
 As you were the one in breach of trust with fraudulent intent.

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edited 12/6/2013

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