Hyacinth garden

In my last past, the forget-me-not caught my eye.

The sight led my memory to your high sea grass and flower gardens.

Remember my lips now and then.

Our kisses, to remember them it is bittersweet.

As memories, become the time in between.

While it seems December's rain waits for blossoms from June's different rose.

Yet, wounds can linger, as the forget-me-not grow faraway.

I travel far across the wide sea my eyes closed.

I sigh for her when everything was green.

Waiting for the sun to set the rain’s gentleness is a different kind of spray.

In the drips, I share your soul, like all things beautiful.

I have loved you more and my heart, cries out in this sea where tears color every song.

From misty sky to sea, I see your sweet looks at the crystal moon.

If I cannot touch forget-me-not’s that shadowy little flower will not grow on stormy seas.

Slowly but surely you stopped loving me.

Suddenly you forgot me.

Winds passed through the night and you to left me at the shore.

My heart remembers that night, as I set my sail to seek another land.

Still each night, forget-me-not, you will be in my heart without giving yours.

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