above the sea

Charades of love pour over the world.

The last lover to promise faithfulness is safe in that belief.

With the wind, no longer near virtue is shy in the air.

Alone on a hill it is left to appease atmosphere.

Like a long flash of lightning that sped red perpetually.

This is the lonely, lonely dream of the setting sun.

He is done with day.

The haze below floats on the zeniths distant blaze.

Auburn, ruby, amethyst mute the wooded bluffs above the sea.

In those deep waters are tears that overflow from a cold gaze.

Await the moon and dark night that will come.

(…move on … moves on … move on …)

These horizons are solemn off the ancient earth.

Worlds of sunsets let me reach out to you.

Whispers forever ascend into the sky this is the way to conceive love.

In pale, moonlight magic through the shadowy caress of frail wistfulness.

All flames of stars and faded dreams that leave my heart in the suddenness’ of years.

Chiming bells, nothing interferes.

Sun spent in cavalier slants.

Rituals preordained when a tired man dies.

That death is and replies.

Drift into soft night’s dark garb within twinkling fabrics that are finely spun.

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