come and get some

Hyacinth garden


clover crawls
orchid blossom falls
sing love hears a chorus of love
sirens declare
moon is in the sky 

Pleiades shines    


through branches of dewy trees
like chants of mystery

in the eye of love 

soft flight of a dove


inhale scents of jasmine
never erase some sweet caress

hold tight sweet woman
in your state of undress


she watches her lover’s voyeur eyes
a soft whisper always replies

restrained and kneeling 

such a tease, feelings sent reeling


now they dine on tastes of cherries sweet
catch your breath on damp sheets

goddesses of everything
a man is nothing


her succulence lingers
quick lick of fingers

lust’s all woman wear 

ebrace intimate repair


moon glow breasts
pleasures all confess

push past darks literal curtain
this is certain

come and get some
where does it all come from?


distant night of love I sing 
at last I'm spread beneath your seductive wings

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