an ancient road

Hyacinth garden

the signs abound

the cold shiver is coming back around

soon winter will begin again

boats covered in plastic they slumber at the marina on the shores of sleepiness

and the wind meets me only by accident

on an ancient road

that intersects at the edge of the creek with its iced banks

every time the moon rose clouds hid the moon

so before I could swallow the moon,

she prayed

cast your dark over indifferent skies

adorn the uncaring cosmos

and make the snows


destiny will not let the moon cast shadows

so instead, I compose

some prose while you pose that way

like a young Mina Loy

I remember late nights together

we busied ourselves

in your bedroom

our breath mingled,

hot wet breath

the essence of our impulsive lips

I enjoyed

the freedom of your gratis

now, I wait

until finally,

in dreams late at night,

I watch snowflakes die and that stillness

takes away my breath

and you know a snowflakes death

has no meaning at all.

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