allowed to swallow shadows

Hyacinth garden

passionate women have velvety lips

comet identified and full of desire

sated by a wish

they twirled the world as if loving gypsies’

hands wide open in offering

there are women who look after the petition

they harbor hope until love comes

rather than celebrate time, they curl in its purpose

the warm fuzz of anesthetized support

some toughen under the weight and crave another episode

sapphires within interval

they twine along the bruises

with the sense to heal

realized in graceful assurance

graceless feelings have no place

sterling winds articulate beneath the skin

silk heart out of you, oh to grasp such beauty

are there any rules to fragile for love to bloom

finely tuned in balance and easily measured

lured by refreshing breezes in secluded bells of violets

love makes sacrifices

concave or convex

burning with mercy, enduring disappointments-

collapsed expectations

the summer sun is ruthless and explains less of logic

woman I am capable of admiration and fear

of letting down my defense

of allowing you inside

without laboring for affection

and allowed to swallow all of my shadows

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