birds of the sea

living things, birds of the sea,

with resilient invitation watch them soar enchantingly

they seem to hold hovering in a measure of secrecy

now the wind comes

out of tawny marshes

it is the impetuous whisper of the night

it provides such passionate missive like an indulgent hand.

and the night spreads the patina of December’s half moon shining

like the innocent, pawn high and persistent.

in dreams, we fly on the wind

as if, two birds of the sea

in a measure insatiably

grinding dust back into the moon

we whirl

and grasp all the liveliness’.

blow on endlessly

body to body and wing to wing.

carried by corkscrew whorls,

with a wind that left the sky

we listen for the sea birds reply

sailing upon the wisps of our unparalleled destiny.

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