Hyacinth garden

people travel their heads up in the clouds to avoid seeing me.

ah, but that smile in her eyes when she turned to look my way.

an effect in my mind, you could see the adoration in my eyes.

Violet graceful head and look through my hearts throbbing hot, red.

She lit up the room with her beauty.

Some women speak to the heart without saying a word.

her eyes, her blue eyes sparkle like flowers before the sun!

a man can be tempted impression is adventure.

sometimes, he is brave sometimes he is full of himself.

her unchained gold blazed like fire I must take the chance.

"Keep your pace up, she whispered, go fast", her violet lips I kissed.

she laid her head upon me as she spoke.

I felt no moment of tranquility beyond the horizon I left it all somewhere in a blue haze.

the Empress was one more cross to bear for my beautiful broken heart.

my journey home I knew my breath left love.

love hummed past me like a bee.

Violet I never slipped, I never faltered, you knew that I would sacrifice myself.

the light is failing, the low, sullen hue of dusk approaches.

I saw her hands go into-night, without me.

her one-way line of defense has no concern for this lonely man.

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