Eternal Lovers

Hyacinth garden

I readily yield to a writer's hungry words.

While, overheard are the roars of silver birds.

I feel that song hearken in long lost sounds.

Between all the roller coasters ups and downs.

We snake into the sensual night’s lush black evening dress.

We would never know how, we could only guess.

I am inside a beautiful Iris' that shudders slightly.

Forever became never and represses nightly.

I could simply pass mutely over all her fingertips.

Now I am off the rhymes and onto westward trips.

A smile appears yet the wide eyes do not move.

Suggestive is her voice softer than delicate violets touch.

The mystery of her-loves me into frenzy.

A look that lasts no longer than a second but is timeless.

The intimacy of her kiss that wear lipstick traces, her heated breath in tender places.

How my heart clings, to these perpetual futile things.

Transform me lover see all my dreams without shaming my tongue.

Eternal lover, I always come back to you...

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