Echoes from a room

Hyacinth garden

Until, now you did not know I am descendant of Perseus.

And the only moment I felt as if you loved me was that instant, on the night of your freedom.

The night of vivid streaks of light.

I poured love into you and you looked me in the eyes.

You rode me, into your willing passage with no obstacle or malice from the past.

For a time we turned our heads to the east with a dawning sun behind us.

So many green lean yearnings between us, a light gloss of sweet sweat gleams half way up our skin.

The sun rose from the shadows of the willows.

Our love climaxed before another day would pass.

We lie entwined exhausted and flaccid.

When, “I love you,” comes, in echoes from your room…

Does your new lover wonder are you talking to yourself?

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