Winter Sunset

Hyacinth garden

winter sunset, velvety amarelle luminescent.

like those flames of smooth ginger silk.

quiet skies of twilights quiver.

feel transitions of peace in tranquil shelter.

nightfall’s beauty seems controlled by human lust or inhuman flamboyance.  

open surreal gates of eternal heights majestic.

a surge can urge shifts in a complex sky.

to see sundown’s splendid fire that sublime array.

those colors retire something so immense, an uncertainty of light.

this is faded fire upon its daily path.

reaching far into eternal past, where the future cannot last but comes again and again.

sail through kindred heavens.

this reflective fleeting dusk supreme like an art for the ages.  

what music in the style of the chapel flies?

sweet site always recognized for unnumbered years.

in a place, that eternity displeases the handcuffs of time.

see it whiz away, dying light of day, the embrace of pain, on the winds of forlorn love.

now night's abyss will seize dominance so deep.

and day passes to a place where weariness requires something more than sleep.

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