Calla Lily Soft The One You Love

Hyacinth garden

Calla lily soft, feel my velvet glove.

Throw yourself upon the bed, and have your wicked love.

Calla lily reply with consent show fearless obedience and illustration within wondrous passion.

Lay atonement upon your place, perpetually keeping.

Lift up your veil, your cape of silken white shrouds.

Calla lily yield be mine this night within patience and endurance of tribulation.

Bonds link you and Me that neither steel nor fire can sever.

It is into your sweet surrender like cries of the night’s wind.

Watch; listen to the night’s wind.

Watch and listen within your own desires.

When the sunrises, like luminescent you shine submissive.

While orbs claim the rush from more or less, a true and perfect love.

you assure Me entreating Me to favor you consummation.

Now you are compelled to appease Me in your last temptation.

To My hurt, you obey.

It is pleasant to know submission to My will.

Since you are enduring for the one you love.

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