purple dawn

Hyacinth garden

we went for a walk in my seaside town

we opened ourselves to have go a round

I whispered to the sea

come and speak to me

make peace in this serene spirit

ever-rushing tides where my moon will fit

no one can take that from of the two us

the ebb and flow, will never lose cadence

enjoy the laughter and wine

sweet music as we recline

I took to my lover

feel the love I gave her

joyous climb rules the beauty of the night

playing a game where love is right

wild passion in rendezvous rising

hour after hour crescendo reprising

great glows remain innocent

natural as the long waves are inherent

across the emerging scarlet sun

soon the star will force me to run

purple dawn adorn above the bay

she decides to send me away

now I have to depart

the sea she keeps a piece of my heart

a little grain in the salt of her tears

hear her cries, cries that let my love, become a secret to her ears

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