Hyacinth garden

the scattered dreams

in diffuse screams

thunderous seas, no sight of land

exist remote hope rising on ebony sand

whale dreams in a mist of grey

on the far side of my distant bay

I am the stone that sank alone

an empty shine on the shells of cockles

driftwood floats away half beneath

shallow waters sweep swells of flowered wreath

she gave language a different shrill

from that actual use within her skill

tongue filled with soft musical rhyme

rhythm sweet burning cadence

bare floating carcass stark

skimmers fly scoop up meat like sharks

cold dry marsh squeaks tall reeds

I'm drowning in all my loveless needs

my tattooed brain

I'm only part of a broken chain

veins that bled on this blade

gulls and frigates fed in their raid

harass me with a velvety tongue

while waves fill the air in my lung

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