every moment of you

Hyacinth garden

beautiful I compare you to the dawn.
I rise, fueled by your sight.
you are my delight you are the dawn.
dark as night love still sleeps.
the dawn air is still stillness in the air…
all remedies suffer too.
the shadows of my decay live in pouring rain.
rain falls hard on the top of aspen trees.
autumn is now far away the winter reveals its grip…
frost on limbs hide the beams of the morning sun.
hush is calling, the light cannot shimmer here.
it is cold here between the defiance of the trees.

I need you to touch me every day.
I want to feel you every night.
I need to awaken in love with you.
I'm always in love with you, you and only you.
I am alone on the stormy seas, left to sail on dark waters.
lead me to the other sides of beaches, coves, and cliffs.
in your eyes…
in your flowers
in your hands.
in your choice.
in our harmony.
I am like the rain that obsesses with the horizon.
I am obstinate with force and passion.
I want to feel every moment of you.

you are like air to me.

I never tire of you.
you are the entire world to me.
to live without you, to lose you.
can the setting sun recover the day?
can the tide divorce the sea?
to lose you, I’d rather lose my life intentionally.

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