Love’s Victim

Hyacinth garden

I wanted and needed to touch you.

you knew however, I was lost in cerulean blue.

I thirsted for rain filled perpetual illusion.

my life from weed-grown melancholy seeds of confusion.

this time was never my own it is sorrow that I knew.

tears like waves rose until their drops round me drew.

on weary dreary mornings, hear foghorn warnings.

I heard the reason of ceaseless voices scorning.

it was an influence, which kept me from touching you.

what chases me makes me run: what escapes me, I must go after.

pick ripe fruit from trees, drink water from the deep wells, seek life’s laughter.

she wants to reign long she will cheat you lover.

fiction scattered rose’s pedals above my head I need some cover.

passion will display its chains.

something less is all that remains.

my hands tied behind my back freedom disappeared without trace.

blame whoever’s clique you embrace seems it is easy to fall from grace.

with jeweled touch, gems glisten in your hair.

you ride in on a golden flame ablaze like a road side flare.

wealth is the cause that stops you from loving me.

once we were spotless, my love of your body and soul.

now loves beauty flawed by my defective mind.

love stripped without the carelessness of time.

with its openness allowed an easy way, that is what I crave.

woe me, ah love, you torture me!

bliss hurts me, will I heed virtue?

And you, so careless, you lovely girl you locked your door to keep my love away.

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