something sweet

Hyacinth garden

I do not know when my tongue became a twister.

Cannot seem to remember why my words can burn and blister.

I bit my tongue and all my words were syllables hung.

To the four corners of the earth, all songs are unsung.

This the way we live, why can't we speak?

Do we change at all when the victims shriek?

The world becomes dangerously deadly with all the time we waste.

How much of life lies beyond the implications of sour taste?

Tell me something wonderful come on and tell me something sweet.

When will we hear the word love said on everyone's street?

Lick all the salty tears that pour from the mother tongues eyes.

There are better messages from lips then what silence implies.

Love cascades and rolls overseas cast in enlightened waves.

Blind poems are not enough when the spoken words misbehave.

Condense the desire inside our lips, on tips of our tongues; it is all our hearts should know.

I feel the word, I pass it to you, I live to love, and it is my heartfelt credo.

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