Scarlet Honey

Hyacinth garden

I never forget to give all my love.

How thoughts tempt.

Fast shoots develop and blossom.

Feel the flora bodily wet.

Pink fades in shaded sun.

Now unmask stained-glass colors.

Tempt the thoughts by promises from the cool soft grey-green heart.

Patches of brightness and shadow dapple the light and dark.

All collect as if a mosaic phantom.

Touch deftly into the brush.

Let inside cherries succulence tremble.

Now honeyeaters are searching for nectar.

Make skin tingle lap up each drop with warm tongues.

The movements excite and emulate as lovely murmurs.

Breath heaves and ends stillness.

Only distance has a pulse of heat and throws passions upwards to the sky.

It is the time of scents when scarlet honey drifts through the air.

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