La Luna Azul

Hyacinth garden

Fitful indulgences of idle dreams.

I quiver in the woolgathering of moonbeams.

To view La Luna Azul full of sophisticated imminence.

Will you shine incredibly with allusions of innocence?

Wake me from my sleep.

My soul goes sailing steep.

Arrive here obscure azure reflective.

You are truly unique yet entirely alone.

From any view, you see another perspective.

I feel you oh sapphire retriever, full faced moon speechless as a stone.  

My clouded shroud decides to hide but you burst out beyond all measure revealed.

Flourish in soft display as if in a turquoise shift.

A rigid man likes to see only what he wants concealed with his blind eyes peeled.

Travel across my beautiful sky within your luminous rift.

You roam the early morning sky just to flee.

Your invincible light sheds bright on fields quite imaginary.

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