" Luxuria " of love immortal

Hyacinth garden

I dreamt I was flying and the world shrunk beneath me.

Look into your soul and see the color of my stormy skies.

By chance to the earth descended, are you the pristine cherub?

Child from your sweet form I cannot tear away my eyes.

The two souls within you poet begin to struggle with each other.

The wind and all the pleasure of air I feel.

Your first soul aspires to find clarity, meekness, and purity.

Your second soul rejects the discovery of precision, timidity and graciousness.

Surreptitious music makes your adored body, as if a spirit, you levitate, and enlarge in flight.

Velvet scarlet gash burst in the fantastic flesh life's own colors darken, and shiver.

We are within the sensual evocations of fragrances emanating from an amazing wondrous realm.

We are free from the exhaustive love and not haunted by any melancholy.

Within orgiastic outburst of passions heightened for an instant where "Luxuria" will not devour.

Carnal desire soon follows this display of affection with the flame of love immortal!

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