loving you

Hyacinth garden

When I came close to you.

You were the one and only withdrawal.

My love was as true as blue.

Your dissatisfaction with me parallels beautiful.

Then it's time to let you go.

They say that love is blind.

Don’t let your feelings show.

All there is to find.

But I say love sees all.

What makes it love?

How far I go, or how far I fall?

It doubles up above.

Eternally within the first rhythm.

You return at some hour of the night.

I never saw an opportunity for schism.

You never told me things were not proper or right.

In your facade and in my heart.

Scarcely do I know your discernment.

I only know you led me to believe from the start.

And now my heart is doing hard internment.

Without fair trial while you harbor denial.

All for loving you.

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