Plymouth, Mass.

Hyacinth garden

(A Seafaring Place)

A Man from Plymouth, Mass., published the original, Book of Familiar “Quotations.”

I knew that fact before I ever set a foot in that rustic little town.

Well, you can quote me, “Plymouth, Mass., was never finer then on the last of days and nights of August 2006.

I took the opportunity to have the first get out of town vacation, in fourteen years. Five long hard months have passed. Some folks might say, it was not a real vacation. Maybe, a mini vacations. It is all good. May as well have been in another life. It was another life. I want it to feel real. As real as my time there. I will write the first draft of my account in long hand. Old school if you will. I want to savor the flavor as long as I can. These recollections will be as real as I can keep them, for as long as I can keep them. This time in the winter of 2007, the memory is a little bit surreal.  Funny how many things can change with such severity in a relatively short span of time.

Sometimes in the circumstance that life offers, we cannot always count on all mental abilities to uphold their end of the bargain. Just the way it goes. I got off track, back to Plymouth, not counting the drive up from Jersey, and then onto Northampton, Mass. It was two days and two nights. For me the moments were magical, not the types of activity, don’t get me wrong, they were and are wonderful. Hmm. (Sigh) . . .  From my portrayal, you would imagine, that I went to a mystical ancient land or in some tropical paradise. Nonetheless, just walking to and from town, with a beautiful, sweet, wonderfully enchanting woman, those moments were sublime.

Enjoying her company, through the entire ride, at dinner, in the somewhat uninspiring motel room. Hey! I know what you are thinking! Forget about it! .No! She was awesome! The room ah, it was nothing special, if anything, it was clean and tidy. You know what I’m talking about. At breakfast in the morning, with all the locals, at the local main street diner, eating green eggs and ham. I mean it! Imagine that! Now, the whale watching tour that was special. They say you learn something new each day, I learned something I did not know, Whales can detect the earths magnetic fields without mechanical aids such as a compass. Amazing creatures. They surely are one of the worlds many wonders. And the Ocean, Oh! How I love my Atlantic! She was a marvel that day. Besides the Gulf of Mexico, and one or two of the Great Lakes, The Atlantic, is the largest body of water I have ever seen. I have lived very close to the Ocean all of my natural born days. On that special day, the seas were all I could have hoped for. When I pass away, I want my ashes scattered upon the river shore of my birth, so my spirit can drift with the tidal waters to that sandy hooked shoal, that I know so well. Take me back to my Atlantic sea. With all of her moods, the depths of which were alive in me.

Right about now, I guess if you took the time to have read this little piece, you have figured out I am not a world traveler. I do know the world is a small place. It gets smaller and smaller everyday. Our relationship with the world needs to be cherished, not squandered. I have few regrets in my life. Not going around the world is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong. Would go if I could. Enter circumstance again, I don’t complain. I have a big heart and an imagination that is equal to my ( at least for now) beating heart. I’ve made mistakes along the way,

I have been told, I am a dreamer, and an idealist. I once I was told, I am a true romanticist. Not to shabby.

I have been called much worse than that. I call myself a shy extrovert. A paradox. The message I am giving here is simply this, life is short. It does not matter where you are, nor where you have been. It is not about where you went or even where you end up. We all end up in the same place.

It is all about the people you meet and befriend along your journey.

So here is to you all of you Pilgrims! Especially Pattie!

Have a safe trip!

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