Hyacinth garden

i got out of the storm

looking to stay warm

you took me in

you let my life begin

i mean you gave me some

sweetie, like i never knew love

somehow your past came back around

and you left me a breaking sound

i had to wave us goodbye

i’d rather leave then make you cry

you go back to dance

i never had a real chance

i feel you

fade away

fade away

well i’m broke again and again

lost again without a friend

one more reversal of fate

i’m always a day late

i feel you

fade away

baby you spoke

then fell silent again

baby it's broke

i can’t fix me again

i felt you

fade away

i’m hurt Baby

and time it can’t fix me

i’d rather die

then make you cry

i know you

faded away

do you have love

we all need love

i hope you do

and you have the world

you deserve that too

i have to let you fade away

what turned you round

is what made my spirit fade

my eyes are wrung out

my heart’s strung out

like an addiction

i can’t get over you.

feel me fade away.

i am faded

faded away

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