Judge Anybody But Me.

Hyacinth garden

Lords know that I will pay for it all someday.

They say judgement will come to each in his or her own way.

Everyone I know, nobody knows where I went.

Maybe, that is because they are all Heaven scent.

No, none of the old gang is left here today.

I still have the need to be in key, I still have the need to play.

Now, I am still running, and I still hunger.

Just don’t have as many as I did when I was younger.

I tell you child, it is what it is, whether you believe or not.

Never take it for granted any love that you got.

I look into the mirror and see it in my eyes.

If I could see your face, I’d see your pain from lies.

Nowadays, I just want to see all the babies smile.

Come on over and ease your pain for a little while.

I don’t know about you, I can’t judge anybody but me.

If I can’t feel the love then I just don’t want to be.

If I can’t feel some love then I will never be free.

Let me see your love come over and set me free.

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