through the night

Hyacinth garden

thin fragile blades of grass collect the dew

an emergence of green in the coolness of blue

then, I witnessed small drips like crystal tears as they fell

into waves from my heart, filling a private wishing well

through the night

whispers’ of ecstasy never said

I close my eyes, the words depart unread

wishes unanswered and visions unassembled

nothing made a difference as my fingers trembled

through the night

eyes flutter open worry seems trivial

it's only emotional within your own denial

while, I fell through the clouds the nightmare comes and goes

screams for help, no voice replied, no voice echoes

through the night

I am swallowed whole for what I thought to be real

but now I have to deal with the feelings that I feel

I ask myself, so what was written on all of your pages

they were only gifts of my love, not wisdom from sages

through the night

now you are far away and out my sight

I am in darkness away from your light

where everything is shadowed, like it was never right

alone, I’ll have to make it through another night

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